Artist Statement

Having grown up with and holding a particular love for magical female characters and their journeys of self-discovery, I often half-jokingly refer to myself as a “self-proclaimed magical girl”- but I suppose there is some truth to that. I like to think art is its own form of magic. I’ve made it a goal to inspire others through my artwork, and encourage other budding artists, by constantly raising the bar for myself and pushing my own artistic ability in any way I can. In doing so, I’ve discovered myself capable of doing things with my work that I never thought I could accomplish- for example in 2014 I donated a modest number of original pieces to charity auctions that ended in a staggering $20,000 total of contributions to various charities. I like to think that’s evidence of my growth, potential, and capability, and want to work to continue to bring more color and creativity to the world.

-Christina “LeekFish” Cornford

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